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Relationship during lockdown?

The relationship is between two people who were friends but neither close nor had much contact. The guy also specifically had no attraction towards the girl. the girl found him sexy/hot but didn't initiate anything. The guy was also a bit of a player.

The relationship was built after the guy suffered a failure in love from his "ex". they also started dating because the girl belonged to the culture and city he was visiting and going to work/live in.

The relationship was mostly long distance as they lived in different cities/countries but the girl would visit him during breaks or he would visit during breaks. Mostly phone calls, facetime, sexting and video calls.

the relationship is a bit strange as both look extremely cold with each other in public. looking at them in public looks like looking at 2 strangers since the girl hardly pays any attention to him as she's more into showing off that she has a handsome boyfriend following her around.

they also do things independently. and the relationship is more into sexual stuff and kinky sex rather than a deep emotional bond.

both of them are very headstrong and stubborn people. especially the girl who is quite snobby, arrogant and fiercely independent/hard feminist/hard left politics

during lockdown 1, they were in their home countries but met up with each other and families after lockdown was lifted.

they moved back together and started living together or at least staying with each other during the second lockdown.

what chances do they have of being able to sustain this relationship long term?

guy is 25, girl is 22/23.
Relationship during lockdown?
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