Why can't my boyfriend keep it up?

He says it's just because he's tired.
Recently my boyfriend and I have both quit our jobs to take a month off, my step dad has jobs he wants us to take in February but we know once we start it'll be 80 hour weeks. So we decided to take time off.
We are about 2 weeks in, and since he's quit we've been having sex about 0nce every 2-3 days. Before we were doing it usually just once a week. He is a 30 year old man, and I'm almost 23. I Weigh 140 pounds, but I'm short so I do think I look a little plump. He says that isn't true. But today he couldn't keep it up when we were trying to do it. It's happened a few times before though and every time I kinda end up feeling bad about myself. Nothing makes you feel more fat and ugly then when a guy can't even stay hard.

He said it's just because he's tired. Could this be true? He is 8 years older than me. Or is this something he's probably just saying to make me feel better?
Why can't my boyfriend keep it up?
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