Is he moving too fast yes or no?

So this man is giving me anxiety. We just started talking 6 days ago. And here are somethings that aggravated me:

1. The first day we chatted on the phone he said, " do you want kids? If I was with you I'd reconsider and think about having more kids."

2. I said I was tired one morning and he text " oh I can massage your neck."

3. He said ," this weekends let's go here" the same day we first started talking. Like dude slow down.

4. Today, " would you like to come over for dinner. "

Why in such a rush. It hasn't even been a month. What is the rush...
Is he moving too fast yes or no?
Moving way too fast
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1 y
We have never met. Talked on social media on and off. We barely started talking on the phone Monday
1 y
Sometimes I think people like the idea of some so they rush and once they get in they realize that ideal was unrealistic so then it doesn't work out. I've been there so im all for being friends with people and if it one day turns to more then it does
Is he moving too fast yes or no?
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