Why is he so up and down with me?

My friend and I been friends for a year now we started hooking up since July. I ended up catching feelings for him he knew about it ans he started to say we're just friends I was fine with being just friends but every time I date another guy or hook up with them he gets so mad saying he not good enough for me, that he doesn't make me happy, I'm faking it things like that he even told me that he hasn't been with any girl since he met me last May. Then all of sudden today he said he cool with me being with other men I don't know what's going on with him why is he so up and down with me?


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  • Because he wants you to be happy but he doesn't realize that he wants you to be happy with him because he thinks since you are going on the dates you don't want him so he doesn't know how to tell you.


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