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Should you steer clear of being someone’s first different race?

I’m a black girl 25 who usually dates Latino men since they are usually the main ones who talk to me verse any other race which i’ve been with and wouldn’t oppose to. I met a Latino man age 37, he approached me and from there we’ve been going on dates and hanging out with his older friends and just us alone. We recently started having sex and as we were pillow talking one night I asked him has he been with black women before which I should have asked in the beginning. He told me no I was his first experience and that he prefers white girls and doesn’t see black women attractive. Then he goes on to say he was curious about me which led to him approaching me but doesn’t have any bad thoughts about it.

Should I leave him alone? I really don’t feel that was a compliment and had I known that’s how he felt I wouldn’t have gone this far with him. I honestly feel used.. Nobody wants to be someone’s lab rat or test trial especially if they aren’t even naturally attracted to you... He’s always gentleman to me, pays for everything, opens doors, walks me to my car etc takes me to nice places, introduced me to majority of his friends and opened up to me about his past which I never bring to conversation.

Anyway what are you guys thoughts? Are you ok with being someone’s first different race?
Should you steer clear of being someone’s first different race?
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