Why do men rush the relationship after sex?

Been dating around and most of the men I have sex with or give head start rushing the relationship and start talking about moving in immediately or try to see me everyday at all hours like I don’t have a life of my own, and not to sound arrogant but my bed room skills are amazing but I noticed where a lot of women claim men pull away after sex, they seem to do the opposite with me, over all, emotionally and mentally I’m a slow mover, but sex is just sex, I don’t really take it seriously anymore but I’m getting tired of men rushing everything, it’s anoying, my friend told me it’s cuz I give them too much too fast and their heads get clouded with lust and they go crazy, but I don't know, how should I start approaching men in the beginning if that’s the problem?
Why do men rush the relationship after sex?
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