How do you kiss with tongue?

I can't kiss. At all. It's always messy and stupid and what the eff.

TEACH ME. STEP BY STEP. please? =)


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  • I don't think you need to learn anything about kissing. It's just all about feelings.

    If I don't know a girl well enough yet, I'll give her a nice smooch. However, if I'm really into her, and we're alone, I'm going to use passion in my kisses. Which involves kissing both her upper and lower lips, cupping her face so I can kiss and lick her neck. And going to her shoulders and then coming back to her lips again and inserting my tongue into her mouth to wrestle with her tongue, gently.

    That's my technique. Since it takes a while, I'll take a break and LET HER GO AT ME. So if it was your turn, you can do what you want. Kiss my cheeks, use your tongue, kiss my eyes, whatever you like. Nibble/suck my ear. It depends on how deep you want to go.


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  • Don't use more than 1/2 inch of tongue

    Flick the tip of their tongue with your tongue

    Use lips just as much as tongue

    Be playful


    • Great answer! The only thing I have to add- if you want to initiate it, or just drive your partner wild then part your lips a little bit and just flick your tongue over his (or her) bottom lip, just a little. I know my boyfriend goes crazy over that. Just remember, don't part your lips too much,just relax, let him (or her) guide you to how wide your mouth should be. Keep your lips lightly against his and match his... mouth opening width thing...

  • hey babe don't get directly into tongue

    firstly use your lips

    plant a gentle kiss on lips then try to suck the lips

    mainly the lower lip

    then make him to suck your lip

    then use the tongue

    lick the lips with your tongue

    then suck his tongue ask him to do so

    then lick his tongue

    its gives the pleasure

    and I am sure you will enjoy this

    • best one yet! thanks so much! <3

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    • ahhh thank you so much! I keep re-reading this over and over again. To practice, to I place my two fingers together and pretend they're lips? I can't wait to try this out with a guy! =)

    • hope I would be there to try with you

      you would have learn it easily dear

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  • Heh, you just gave me a sense nostalgia from my early dating years. :') Okay, lemme see...

    When you START to kiss, don't use your tongue right away, try to play coy until the guy does it first. When when you feel his tongue inside your mouth, at first, LIGHTLY stick your tongue into his mouth, in soft flicking motions. As you two get more and more aggressive in the kissing, feel free to let a little loose.

    When, and only when you have become comfortable with the ways of the french kiss, young grasshopper, try this trick: If you can, try lightly sucking on his tongue if he dives into your mouth. The guys I've tried that with went nuts whenever I did that. XD Apparently it's a little kinky to them.

  • its a natural thing really..