Does it matter who suggests getting together in a relationship?

I’ve started to see this guy and usually he’s the one initiating contact and texting me most of the times. I barely take the initiative. We’ve only been together 3 times and he was the one suggesting 2 of them. I’ve suggested the last one. I didn’t ask him out nor planned anything just said it’d be lovely to see him before I went on holiday but understood if he were busy and then he planned a day. We’ve been texting a lot lately and I’m back from holiday, however I gotta stay home for 10 days cause I’m quarantining. Should I do as I did last time and suggest something or wait for his call? I’m just asking cause we’re at that stage where we haven’t defined what we are exactly and I don’t wanna seem too eager nor feel I’m investing more than he is. So does it matter who suggests?
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Me and this guy aren’t in a relationship so I don’t wanna feel like I’m more interested or investing more than he is. If a girl starts taking the initiative to ask him out too many times I know some guys fall into the lazyness of never taking the initiative. They start taking the girl for granted so they don’t need to work for it and that if it weren’t for me making plans he wouldn’t either
Does it matter who suggests getting together in a relationship?
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