My boyfriend said he’s scared of me now?

we’ve been dating for a year and a half, honestly he’s the best guy I’ve ever had. I have borderline personality disorder, BPD and depression.
The thing is, these days he’s more busy than other days because of his work, so we don’t get to talk that much as before. I never complained about it, I understand that he can’t talk to me as much. But last year happened the same, and when he got free time he always talked to me, called me to check on me, asked me about my day etc but now he NEVER asks me about anything or even when he’s got free time he prefers staying with his friends. I can’t see him everyday only for the weekends, and when I message him “good morning” he is online on another social media but not replying to me. And he never ever sends me a good morning text or anything, I’m the one sending them and messaging him.
So today I got mad again at him bc of this and he said “I was crazy” and “he was scared if I ever hit him (?” I don’t understand why he says that when he never ever does anything for me and the only thing I want is a reply to a text when he’s online. I only see him for two days and on Saturday he spends most than half of the day on the xbox playing games and on Sunday he spends most of the day with friends. He only sleeps with me, takes breakfast and again sleeps with me.
Am I crazy? For asking for a teeny tiny bit of attention?
My boyfriend said he’s scared of me now?
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