He stood me up, can I text him to curse him out?

I'm pissed beyond words. this kid stood me up after pursuing me! we met a year ago and were good friends. he had girlfriend on and off for five months (same girl) up until three months ago when they officially broke up. we actually stopped talking at one point before that break up because I developed feelings for him (I just told him I was busy with personal family issues, so he didn't know). regardless, we were always flirty, but nothing serious. he used to tell me how great I was. post-break up we talked all the time and he told me he wanted to see me when he came into town, treat me to something "nice" because he missed seeing me. we talked until Tuesday, when we finalized plans for Friday (today). he said "I'll call you to pick you up around 7" because he doesn't know how to get to my place.

never called. never texted me back when I asked if he was OK. I called and it just kept ringing. I text his friend and he says he WAS JUST TALKING TO HIM ON THE PHONE! I can't believe this sh*t.

i want to text him and curse him out because I'm pissed and confused. why make plans and then IGNORE/ditch me?

i just said "thanks for standing me up. next time just tell me you don't want to hang instead of being an asshole". he wrote me right back "im sorry. I got bad news from home and it slipped my mind". I don't believe him. what do you think?


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  • You have every right to be upset but that doesn't justify you calling him out and cussing. In fact it's down right childish. You're an adult. It's not as if he stood you up for your wedding and reasons are actually necessary. Besides if you do that you might just turn him off you and I don't think you'll want that seeing as you like him. If you be the bigger person like I'm sure you can be and not let this faze you then it shows that he has no control over you and your emotions and you come out smelling like roses well he smells like the guy that cleans parc disposals all day

    • i'm going to be the bitch that says it just for your benefit. I told you so...the last thing you needed to do was say "thanks for standing me up. next time just tell me you don't want to hang instead of being an asshole". you don't know if something serious happened or not and you're going to be doubting yourself for a while. you might say that you won't but you're human and there will be that annoying voice in the back of your head going "WHAT IF?" when you're in a relationship try not to...

    • wait, I don't understand. did your statement cut off? and I don't regret what I said at all because I really don't believe him. it "slipping" his mind is just insulting anyway. what's so hard about sending a text to cancel? it would've been different if he were physically dealing with the situation, but he wasn't. he could've gotten in contact with me. the only I lesson I've learned is to not deal with him.

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  • Sure, if you would like to be laughed at. Trust me, that would get passed around.


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  • He wants you to feed into his sick bullsh*t games, DON"T! He will only feed off you getting angry at him, he would love to get an angry text from you. Just f*** that douche. Take the high road and move on. I understand how you're feeling it's one of the worst feelings, but in a couple weeks you won't even give a tiny rats ass about this!

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