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I'm 25 and never been on a date; is it because I'm ugly?

So I'm 25 and in my last year of college. To this day, I've never been on a date, kissed, or had sex, or ever came close to doing any of these things. I go to a big commuter school where most people are extremely unhappy, mean, and/or avoidant of others, so it's very hard to just approach people that I may be interested in. There's an overall vibe of "don't talk to me" that people kind of exude to everyone, and I feel invisible when I'm on campus. I also don't have any kind of friend group; I haven't hung out with people outside of school in literally years.

I have pretty bad social anxiety, so I don't put myself out there very much to actually ask women out, and the few times I tried (3 times), the rejections were pretty swift and harsh. So because of all this, I've been alone all the time for the past 7 years or so. This loneliness, which I've been experiencing ever since I started college, has been slowly draining me to the point where I hate my life. I've never felt more depressed, anxious, and hopeless than I do right now. So, given my current situation, is it safe to assume that I'm in this position because I'm physically ugly and unattractive?
I'm 25 and never been on a date; is it because I'm ugly?
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