I never got a match on Tinder in a month, am I ugly?

Firstly, I know that Tinder is just a 'hookup app', and isn't really accurate when it comes to judging my attractiveness.

I have never dated for over 5 years now, so just to test the waters, I signed up on Tinder and swiped right for EVERY female profile I came across. But it turns out that I didn't get a single match even after a month. Does this mean I'm f**king ugly, since looks are the only thing that matters on Tinder?

I should have swiped right on more than 4000 girls, probably. But no match.


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  • Anyone on a tinder account bases there value on looks.. therefore do you really want anyone that shallow or do you really want to be that shallow?

    • I wasn't actually going to follow through with matches on Tinder, but I just wanted to get an idea of how attractive I am to females around me. Turns out they find me unattractive! :P

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    • Ok, sending you a PM now. Thanks!

    • she's pretty

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  • Well at least you look good better than me

    • Why do you say that? You got no matches as well?

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    • Age doesn't matter, what matter is the looks, money, charisma, confidence, etc.

    • Thanks for the MH

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  • When I sit down and actively use tinder, I usually get at least 3 surprise matches when swiping and then wake up the next day to a "you have a new match!" notification on my phone. On good days, I'll get another notification or two throughout the day.

    So I don't know what to tell you.

    • Haha, girls do get matches left and right, or so I have heard!

  • okcupid may be a better option?

    • Yeah, I used Tinder just to get an idea of how attractive the women would find me. I never planned to follow up with my matches anyway.

      But the results are discouraging! :P

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