Why does he initiate conversation but not ask me out?

Why would a guy continue to message me first after expressing no interest in seeing me again after 2 dates? (I have not initiated any of the contact.)

So I met this guy on Bumble. We chatted on the app for 2-3 weeks before he asked to get lunch, and it was PARAGRAPHS of messages back and forth, we really hit it off. In person, the first date went well, sparks weren’t flying like crazy but he’s an attractive man and I’m an attractive woman. 2nd date we went out drinking and went back to his place, I ended up sleeping over bc I live far away and I had been drinking. We fell asleep cuddling, the next morning he tried to have sex to which I said not this time (he was perfectly polite).

Since then, neither of us have made a plan to hangout again and that’s fine with me, as I said it wasn’t insane chemistry, but if he asked me out I would say yes because it wasn’t bad either; he was very caring and generous (he paid for food, drinks, ubers). What’s confusing is, he initiates conversations with me on Instagram which then turn into week long back and forth messages without any mention of hanging out. I’ve even made hints saying “next time we hangout blah blah” and he doesn’t take the bait, which again is fine but why does he reach out over and over? I will try to reply shortly after a while because he’s clearly not into me, but then a week later he’ll reply to my story and start up a new convo. In my head, I don’t reach out to someone I’m not interested in, especially after only 2 dates (he owes me nothing, so why not just not talk to me ever again?).
Why does he initiate conversation but not ask me out?
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