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A need help to decide what am doing here?

Well basically I was with someone 8! years we split a few times in amongst that git back together again and had a disagreement the other night well few weeks back hardly seen him much since… to be honest am not happy and am looking for something else in life ! Anyway I have three people Ano and have known them a long long time was talking too two of them a few years back and we got on never met up.. now they two and another guy Ano all said they like me want to meet etc etc I like them of course known them long enough.. but I might have a chance at something new and could be happy I just don’t no how I’m supposed to figure out if any of them are worth even going in a date with, Ano one wants to settle down etc he’s told me that … but then again today he said he would call after work but I changed it and said I’ll call tomorrow and he hasn’t replied since unless he thinks am at it or something I dunno, the other I have known a long time, and we get in good this again is through messaging.. but I don’t no he says he can’t message at times but yet is online (both do this at times come online and ignore me ) I don’t no if it’s to make me chase more or not, the 3rd one I no him also we haven’t been talking a lot a lot but enough I would say but again doesn’t seem to me like he would want more than sex. Not saying that’s the case but kinda comes across that way so my head is everywhere I don’t no what to do about this do I call the second guy tomorrow to show him that I’m not just playing games either.. and that I would want to settle down too. Help !! Any ideas suggestions insights would help me a lot ! Never actually been in this situation where I feel I don’t no what to do xxx
A need help to decide what am doing here?
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