Is my crush gay or just insecure?

I know someone’s sexuality is none of my business. It is just that I have a HUGE crush on this guy and years have gone by. He is my ( not so close) friend and trust me I can’t just ask him if he is gay or not.

He has been single for a long time and he always says how much he likes women, how much he wants to go somewhere because there will be women there and how he thinks a random girl is beautiful. He does not say this things only to me, but to a group of friends.

His statements always seem forced and out of the blue, as if he was trying to prove himself.

Also, there was a time that I was talking about gay people with a friend and he was not participating in the conversation.

He overheard us and use the opportunity to make a comment about how he is not gay and does not have gay friends ( joking tone, but still weird).

He is very affectionate with his male friends to the point of some
friends even commenting it.
He does not have close female friends but he knows many beautiful women. I wonder if he might be gay considering what I said? I want opinions on that matter.
Is my crush gay or just insecure?
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