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What would you do in this situation? please read below?

Girl I been dating has been giving me a runaround with her emotions to the point I feel like a convenience to her and feel like I am dating my ex somewhat , we have are ups and downs but for the most part we have a good connection but not the greatest we tend to butt heads but over stupid things , I am still trying to balance it out , this past week things have been good between us , the sex has been amazing and I was feeling her and I got even closer , but now she tells me yesterday that she loves me and that I am amazing in bed but she doesn’t really feel passion with me but I am a great guy and that she isn’t seeing anyone else and not thinking of anyone else but doesn’t know what’s wrong with her and why she is feeling this way , I didn’t yell at her and told her what does she want to do? , she said she still wants to be with me but she also wants to get help , I was at work so I told her we would talk later when I got home. When I got home I sat down with her and asked her if she wanted to talk and she said No , that everything is fine and she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, Now I am feeling this girl is a basket case and now don’t know if I want To be with her anymore, my passion for her has faded now that she told me all this , like I feel is it worth it for me to hold on to her , What should I do? I do like her but I am also scared to give myself completely to her , I can’t be another punching bag to someone but then I feel that maybe I am being selfish if I don’t. Bottom line Relationships suck ,
What would you do in this situation? please read below?
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