We’re basically exclusive but he won’t make it official?

I’ve been dating this guy for nearly 2 months. It’s going really well and I feel like we’re already a couple - I’ve met his family, cousins etc (I’ve literally cooked tea for them on a few occasions) and I spend a lot of time with them, he’s met mine, we’re going away together and have other plans for the future to go away. All these things are happening, but little things like it’s HIS bed when he takes up all the room and I have a draw with all my stuff but when I say it’s my draw he’s says no.

I asked him about a label and he said it’s still too early, but he sees potential for it to be long-term, which is fine. He said it might be months before he feels ready.

It’s just a bit confusing when I pretty much feel like part of the family already and he’s ready to plan and also little things that he does like the stuff I mentioned above. For example he’s happy to plan for us to go away in a few years, but isn’t ready to make us official and I get it’s still early days, but why be so full on with some stuff but other little stuff he’s funny about? Do I need to put boundaries in place if it’s getting too full on and wait until it’s official and he’s 100% ready? Or just keep it going like it is and just leave it in his court?
We’re basically exclusive but he won’t make it official?
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