Do men find really shy and introverted women attractive?

So my biggest challenge with dating is that I don’t really know how to put myself out there. I’m usually kept to myself when I go out places alone and maybe read a book or workout. I am really good at making female friends for the most part and have a lot going for me. Men are respectful to me for the most part. However I don’t have the greatest social skills with them and have no idea how to flirt. I’m pretty sure they don’t think I’m interested in them back.
I’m turning 26 in April so I’m still young. But dating is stressful and I don’t want my shyness to keep me from getting a boyfriend. I’m not on dating apps because I hate them but I frequent the gym a lot, upscale areas around my neighborhood and restaurants. I have some pretty interesting luck sometimes — had some guys who just paid for my dinner that I didn’t really talk to (wrote them a thank you card in return) and guys hit on me. I get asked on dates and stuff too. However I’m kind of aloof and have no idea what I’m supposed to do or say. People have to usually dumb these things down for me about guys who are interested - “Katerina he was hitting on you...” or “yeah he took you to dinner because he liked you.” I’m always like “huh?” One of my guy friends who I thought had no romantic interest in me once spent $350 on a dinner for us. I thought we were just friends. Also, no I’m not a “user” as I make my own money and have my own things going on so it wasn’t like a free meal situation.
Anyway, I can write code for a living (I’m a software engineer) but I can’t decode guys well!
Do guys like shy girls who might be a little nerdy and not very like social in public?
My last relationship was 3 years ago.
Do men find really shy and introverted women attractive?
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