Why are men so insecure when dating or in a relationship?

It's as if they think they own us or we are their property when we flirt with other guys (even in relationships). This is precisely the reason why I refuse to get serious in flings and I never really want to settle for a long term commitment since I enjoy my freedom.

Some men even hide under their mask being "nice guys" wherein deep inside they just want to get in your pants. For me, those nice guys are actually the most possessive ones. I personally get turned off when a guy tells me that I'm beautiful. Either that compliment is too old, insincere, and even a sign that he wants to kiss my ass. Like, bitch I know I'm beautiful, shut up!

I also hate those men who claim themselves to be "highly sensitive ones", those that claim to care about a woman's emotions and all that shit. Some of the people will tell me that a good guy is hard to find. Bitch STFU! That tactic is sooo overused, like I can love myself, I don't need a guy who claims to care about my emotions. The only thing he needs to worry about is that if he's worthy of my respect. Truth is, these type of guys are actually the most narcissistic ones.

Most guys who act like this are probably those introverted nerds why are too shy to even make a move or don't know how about women.

I know deep down that I'm worthy of being pursued and I only date alpha males who are confident enough to ask me out. Besides, as a strong extraverted woman, how am I going to date a boy who's too insecure to even look at me. I'll probably be dating a kid rather than a grown ass man when I give them a chance.
Why are men so insecure when dating or in a relationship?
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