Not sure if im just being emotional and over reacting? ? what would you say to him?

Seeing a guy for 4 months. He is in his thirties and I am in my late 20s. I do have one young child also.

We do live about an hour away from eachother and I do understand busy schedules.

We normally see eachother once a week but since January we had about 3 weeks apart due to events and covid.

This past weekend he asked me in advance to spend Sunday together. I made arrangements for my son as I do need notice.

I was unaware he had plans that Saturday so as we were texting late at night he told me he was out having drinks and dinner for his cousins bday which is fine.

He was texting me throughout the night and then said that he is really sorry and feels bad but his cousin wanted to go on a last minute winery tour tomorrow so he will try to make it.

Although I was disappointed, I told him I understood and to enjoy his day with his cousin.
He kept saying he will try come and felt bad etc, I just told him to not worry about it as he won't be able to make both.

He went at 10am, no contact all day not even a good morning which is standard when he has any plans and does annoy me a bit tbh.

He then tried to contact me at 5.30 to see if he could quickly come and see me. I did say I can't because I only had someone watching him until 5.

I also don't like to feeling rushed.

Now this weekend coming i thought he would want to spend some time together also seeing as it is my birthday on Monday.

Now it is another dinner for his cousins birthday and when I asked if he could come after dinner.

He said he can't they won't let him leave until easily midnight.
He normally works Saturday during the day and offered to come for a bit if work is cancelled.

Sunday was suggested but I already have family coming over.

I do understand it's a two way street but it makes me feel like I'm a second option even though he says he is upset and angry about it.

Am I just being irrational or do you think my feelings are valid.

How would you confront him nicely regarding this?
Not sure if im just being emotional and over reacting? ? what would you say to him?
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