How do I stop stalking my boyfriend's social media?

I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for a couple of months now and I see him once or twice a month. Both of us have been in very bad relationships in the past that involved being lied to and cheated on, however, I have major trust issues.
I met him on Tinder, so I have not met his friends and do not speak to any of his family members outside of seeing them with him.
He is a very good-looking guy so he has many followers on Instagram and on Facebook, a lot of girls follow him and he follows a lot of girls. This worried me due to my past and I started to overthink and mistrust him, so I started stalking him, checking to see if he followed anyone new, seeing if he was liking other girls photos.
That just made my trust issues even worse, very early on in our relationship, we joked around that we would check each other's activity status on Instagram to see if the other person is ignoring us and we made it a joke that we are both toxic. However, he turned off his activity status and location, my mind immediately thought of the worst. I also started fearing he was ignoring my texts when he took too long to respond, from there I would post things on my stories to see if he would see it.
I had to get Facebook for a school group chat and I, of course, followed my boyfriend and he never followed me back, but he was posting on his Facebook, then I noticed his Facebook status was single and this made me very upset so I brought it up, to this day it still hasn't been changed. But I am scared to bring it up because then he knows I have been checking up on his account.
He knew I had been stalking his social media accounts and he was fed up with it, he told me this wasn't healthy for me or our relationship. I know it is not healthy either but I do not know how to stop and I really don't want my trust issues to get in the way of our relationship.
How do I stop stalking my boyfriend's social media?
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