How do I get her alone and ask?

I work with this girl. She’s kind of social. She’s the supervisor. One day I wasn’t talking and she kept asking what was wrong and that I could tell her. She knows about my boyfriend. When we’re alone in a room it’s quiet. Once she stuttered while we talked and there’s awkward eye contact. We had new holiday shirts and she was like “look at you looking all festive. I said I felt naked without a uniform and she was like “you feel naked?”. Few weeks ago she gave me a bag from the job. I’d call my boyfriend at work. Once I told her I called him because I had no one to talk to and I wanted to talk to him. She looked taken aback. She kept calling me out so I obeyed.
She told my other manager that she saw me on my phone. I see her on hers a lot. I’ve stopped. Once I was talking with another coworker and the next day she was like “oh is that what y’all were talking about?”. When we were leaving, we were standing at the doorway I called my boyfriend she knew it was him and she told me to hang up because I couldn’t call while we were still in the store until we were outside leaving.
I thought that was weird. The store was closed.
She told the managers that I got on the phone after closing and they took my side. I saw her last week and she asked how I was (she always does) I caught her staring. She asked another coworker how her and her boyfriend met but not me. Last week she asked how I was twice. She came up next to me super close. Yesterday I was talking to my other manager for a while and the girl kept lingering. She went to show my manager a pic of a fun size Easter bunny and she was like “it’s the size of courtney” (that’s my name) and laughed. She then came over and touched my arm laughing and was like “that sounded bad” and she shows me the picture and I asked if it was edible and she was like “I know where your minds at” she told me bye later. She always waits until we’re alone to talk to me. She asked me when I work again today. Why is she being weird?
How do I get her alone and ask?
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