MMen dont ask me out. How does that feel? To be unwanted?

Men dont try to date me
Once in a blue moon i get sexually harassed at work (there was a time it happend regularly but that was at my old job thankfully i left) or asked to go to strip clubs and drink at bars none of which appeals to me as i am saving myself for marriage and am totally sober
I have no family or friends at all in my life AT ALL. Please dont ask me for details to prove i have nobody. When i say nobody i mean it.
All i do in life is go to work and go shopping or read books or walk around or sleep or eat etc. Just lonesome activities including in public whch servers as a reminder that since men dont ask me out in public either i really am unwanted
Nobody ever wants to exchange numbers or text or call me as a friend (for females) or as a dating prospect (for males)
Its mostly the fact no man wants to even ask me out s the part that gets me. I understand at my age (late 20s) most people are interested in who they can date or marry NOT who they can become best friends with. Same for me i would love a husband more than getting a girl friend.
I've just been accepting lately that im just not cared about or cared for. Im not desirable. Men dont want to ask me out or date me at all.
Its been this way pretty much for years. I got texted twice and asked out once in recent memory. I've ony ever had one boyfriend and it was for a few weeks. He left me for another girl after taking my virginity like a savage.

Thats it. Thats my life. By 40 i will probably still be alone and just living a relatively boring life like now except maybe i will have a dog if i move up financially. I want a dog. But im poor and have a cat

MMen dont ask me out. How does that feel? To be unwanted?
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