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I have no idea what to do next, Need advice, confused, Am I worrying about nothing? ?

Re a guy i know since 14. Apparently his first love&favorite (?). Says he likes me, thinks i'm amazing, beautiful etc. 9 hrs away frm me, flies down a lot. Chat O. L/via text 4 months+. Sure where i stood/how he saw me by what said O. L/text convos. Flirtation, more his part than mine.

He came2town, arranged meet@his place (fine with that). 5hrs date, good convo. On arriving, got long hug, leaving same - full body contact, arms round waist, moving up/down back. Outside, same, kissed couple times, not french. Prolonged closed mouth kisses, he asked when see me again. Exchanged txts through week, didn't ask me out, i asked via text if wanted2get2gether, yes, sorted date/time, talkd on phone couple days aftr that b42nd date.

2nd date (?) 2 weeks l8r, happy2see me, on arrival same long hugs, arms tight around waist, squeezing, couple of kisses on mouth. Dinner good, 5 hours. He made odd comment about how i'd meet friend of his "if i decided i wanted2hang around". Wtf does that mean? I replied depended on if he let me, his reply - Yes, i like you. Friend of mine thought might be a gauging comment. I've no idea.

Eventually he asked how we'd be getting me home, that was end of date. Goodbye same as last time, long hug/kisses. Odd noises when hugging me - happiness? Random comment - we shd/cd do this regularly, follow by comment re neighbors talking, seeing him kissing blonde (me) on doorstep. Odd but people say weird shit, i did - "see u on dance floor or sooner" - parting line. DOH!

4 days, no contact, am i obsessing ovr nothing? Not unusual 2-3 days w/out txting, 2be fair, not contacted him. Didn't concern me be4, now it does. Rhythm of text/online4most part the same, slowed some, less flirtatious since meet IRL, put down2no longr just O. L/text.

He's not "tried it on" yet beyond kisses/hugs, not that i want it 2b1&done thing. Has a LOT going on, feels overwhelmed, young son F - Sun, tend2not contact then as don't want2intrude but we communicated on those days2.
I have no idea what to do next, Need advice, confused, Am I worrying about nothing? ?
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