NEED ADVICE: What does he want?

*Long story*

I went out with a college guy who asked me to coffee, and the first "date" he kept asking questions about me, and seemed interested in getting to know more about me. Sometimes things were touchy and since I'm not used to physical touch with anyone, I flinched a bit, but I let that pass.

Right after the "date" we planned seeing each other again on Wednesday. On Tuesday, he had said he was at the grocery store and will cook dinner for me. I didn't think much, so I went over (his place was around 20 min walk away). the way he talked was really smooth, and he sat right next to me, arm to arm. I felt a bit out of place ngl. He then asked if I wanted to go some place to chill. This is where things really escalated. He asked if I knew about the counting shoulders thing, but I didn't, so when he did, I didn't realize this was a move to cuddle together, I've never been in a relationship and I've never cuddled with anyone, platonically or romantically, so things were awkward. I wanted to pull away and say smth, but he's so much taller and bigger than me I was afraid of what he would do. We lied there for around 20 minutes, and I tend to look at someone when they're talking, so I kept looking back and up at him. But after a couple of times doing that, he leaned in for several kisses, which really caught me off guard. I felt more violated than enjoyment. Once we went back to his dorm (I had to get my stuff), I told him I don't like physical touch (especially not after seeing someone twice), but he continued to pull me into cuddling/kissing on his bed. I went with it, for I was scared what he would do if I rejected his moves.

He shows long-term relationship vibes by the way he talks about things with me, but the physical touch was offsetting. I am still feeling really uneasy about all the physical touch, and in some ways it's leaving me in shock. I was at first considering him as a potential partner, but after this second so called "date", I want to end things.
NEED ADVICE: What does he want?
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