Would you date and potentially marry a guy who wouldn't have a full on career until he was 32?

Looking for mostly female perspectives but guys are welcome to provide insight too. Basically, due to my original educational plans after finishing my 4 year BA not bearing fruit (long story short my Master's program made major mistakes on requirements and failing to do due diligence to check the credibility of sites that would provide us hours for our graduation requirements so I ended up finishing the program a year later then necessary). Found out this special degree wouldn't yield much upward income either so I definitely made mistakes too. So I did a career change did prerequisites at a community college then covid hit delaying the process so I went with an accelerated course I am 29 now soon to be 30 it will take a little under two years to finish at this point but by the time I get licensed and find employment I suspect I will be 32 by then.

Now this area of work has upward mobility even at the base level and it opens itself up more if I want to further my education or specialize (which I am strongly considering at some point) plus it would allow me to work in any state and with the right scheduling I could potentially do all my work in 3 days out of the week. Leaving more time for my personal life, additional hobbies or interest pursuits and maybe even side business ventures. At least that's the plan and potential of it all.

Now I am a guy who has always known he wanted to get married and have a family. Thus, my problem comes from never really being given chances. I think many factors come into play. At the time my MA fell through my long term relationship with my girlfriend came to an end and I have had trouble getting dates. I say I am looking to date seriously but I make it clear there is no pressure (I don't say I am only dating to marry or anything) but despite putting myself out there I can't even get a foot in the door. Thoughts? Tips? Thank you! I am new so I think I am limited on messaging as well.
Would you date and potentially marry a guy who wouldn't have a full on career until he was 32?
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