What does it mean if a guy (28m) calls you (33f) "mi amor"?

I've been seeing a guy for 3 months. At first he said he just wanted to be friends bc he separated from his ex wife almost a year ago. They separated amicably. I know he really isn't with her anymore, trust me.

He is very sweet and respectful, more on the shy side. he's from Puerto Rico. I'm Puerto Rican too but I was born here. I dont live in an area with many Puerto Ricans, so dating one is new for me. But he seems to go back and forth on what he wants. At first he said he needs some time without anything romantic at all (physical affection, a relationship, etc) since he just left a marriage almost a year ago. And that he only wants to be friends.

He said that, but then we went out 2x and he kissed me and stuff both times, but that's it. He hasn't even tried to have sex with me. He said he wanted to wait till he's settled in his place for that. And he said I can come over anytime I want once he's settled. I live down the street from his new place. We talk like best friends who like eachother. He told me that he wants to get married again one day, so I know he's open to a long term relationship eventually with someone.

For the past 2 weeks he was in the process of moving and he works 10-12 hr shifts, so he was busy to talk much. We still talked a little most days. I kinda left him alone though bc I knew he felt overwhelmed with everything. Anyways, he's pretty much settled in his new place and we were texting a little bit yesterday. And then he said in Spanish "how have you been, I've been missing you. You haven't talked to me in like 2 days". This was after he had been drinking with his family. I asked if he was happy to move in and he said "muy feliz mi amor", which means very happy my love. And he said I've been very quiet with him. And then he told me in Spanish that he was in his bed and told me I should be there with him.

And that was it. It caught me really off guard bc he has never said anything like this. From a guys perspective what does all this mean?
What does it mean if a guy (28m) calls you (33f) "mi amor"?
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