Ladies...Why would a girl text me late at night?

I've tried to make the first move by initiating contact with this girl, however, she's ignored my texts. She randomly woke me up at 2 am sending a message saying "Need you."

Does this girl like me and she just doesn't know how to say it in a mature manner? or is she one of those brain dead girls' like Snookie?

I sense playing hard to get, what do you think?


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  • well for most people talking to a girl or boy late at night is a turn on. if she doesn't textu after you text back then she's playing hard to get. saying need you late at night is kind of a way to start phone sex so maybe that's why she says that. she's proably not a brain dead hoe like snookie. so she proably really does like you

    • Oh OK. Yeah she didn't seem brain dead. I mean getting a text from a girl is def not a turn off...but it is a turn off if she's ignored me the entire time and doesn't text back (playing games). Then when she does text something...its random and comes at odd times.

    • then really her only problem is insurecurities.

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  • Every time I've met a guy that would only text me late at night, there's that thought that "maybe he doesn't just wanna f***" but it turns out being just that. Same goes with girls, there's been guys that I'd only contact late at night and never in the daytime because all I wanted from them is sex. Rule of thumb: if they contact you only late at night, they wanna f***. And only that.

  • 2 am texts like that are drunk booty calls. if she's ignoring you when she's sober and texting you when she's drunk she either doesn't wanna date you, or she's too scared to say what's on her mind when she's sober. personally 2am texts saying "need you" from me would be a booty call.

  • Maybe she's just a snookie if she really liked you she would be trying harder

    • I left a voice mail and asked her what she wanted. If she doesn't respond, I guess she's confused. Must be because she's 18 and potentially immature.

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    • That's exactly what I'll do. Hit and Quit. I just downgraded her from potential relationship hit, quit and delete number from cell phone status. I rest my case. lol

    • Well she brought that upon herself.. But do guys really do that? Downgrade a potential girlfriend until they relize the girl is easy? I know all guys probably don't but never thought about it

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