Why won't she ugly snapchat me?

Girl I snapchat never sends an ugly face or anything I send her a few ugly faces like eyes squinted and tongue out and she sends back herself in an outfit or something or her face close up with her eyes wide open (you know what I mean ladies when you take a picture and try to look extra cute)... I'm not upset I enjoy seeing her when she's all prettied up but idk... sometimes we snapchat eachother late at night and if she doesn't have her mascara or make up on she covers her face with her hand or closes her eyes. One time I sent her a snap that asked to see her without her make up and she replied back changing the subject.. She gets really excited when I tell her she's pretty like if we're texting she suddenly start putting extra exclamation points on everything on top of the lol's in every text. Sorry for my long rant but yeah whaddya think ladies?
Dude! its obvious she likes you
She wants you to keep thinking she's pretty
She's just shy and afraid of what you'll think of her
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Why won't she ugly snapchat me?
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