Dating by height is extremely sexist and should be deemed unnecessary?

How is it okey for women to demand dating only men who are 6 feet or above yet if we turned it around and men said we only date women under 5 feet then women would go batshit crazy over it. Double standards much?

Tall Height by nature is the least desirable trait to have in any animal species, reason for that are a taller person will have more health problems related to their height then shorter ones, taller people are not stronger than shorter ones if both trained then the shorter one will have an easier time lifting certain weights and strength is genetical not height dependant.

If you are with a tall person and the home is designed for one of the partners, then one will always struggle to do things. If the kitchen is too low then the male will have back problems. If the shelves are too high the woman needs to use a chair or ladder.

Same with the car, the closer your height is the less you will have to change for you.

Taller people need more food which means in times of hunger those are the first to starve to death as well.

Dating by height is causing health issues to arise in men and makes people struggle as well. Besides the point that dating by height seems to be useless when it comes to how protected you actually are. A thug with a gun or knife will always come out on top no matter if your partner is 6 feet and above, if he's smart he won't fight if he does, he's dead or has a knife in his stomach, there is no winning.

In the animal kingdom its not the taller male that wins, but the stronger one.

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What women truly want in a man is masculine behavior. If a tall man has no spine, looks and acts like a simp they won't take him.

A man needs to have certain traits in order to be successful with women and being tall isn't it.

When you act like a Beta soyboy women won't take you seriously but when your actions and words align, they will. Women want to be protected which is why they tend to go for more aggressive males over more calm and less aggressive ones. Its all about being a monster.
Dating by height is extremely sexist and should be deemed unnecessary?
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