When you should let go but deep down you don’t want to, WHY do we feel like that?

(We are both 25 and live in a big city in Europe)

I was seeing a guy, on and off, for 5 time periods in 2 years. Although our feelings grew stronger, we stopped seeing each other almost 1 year ago due to an argument and bad communication with stubborness and pride. He was also pressured from work and couldn’t deal with the problem. I was so heartbroken and have been thinking of him since non stop. Actually since the first time we met. I have never had a boyfriend and always been scared of commitment, so I have appreciated to take things slow.

This summer I bumped in to him 8 times in 1.5 weeks randomly. I heard a few weeks after, that he had also stopped seeing the replacement girl he had after me. I got the feeling that he might be keen to see me a bit again and when I met him 1 week ago in a club, he seemed interested but careful

Now to the point: I have started talking to an old fling that I’ve always thought was such a nice guy that I met 5 years ago from another country. We have kept in touch since we meet but he has been in a relationship until now. Our connection is so strong and he asked me to come see him. So I’m travelling to his country to see him for two days and I’m excited.

The only thing is. No matter how nice the guys are that I’ve met and dated in between the guy who hurt me, and even though I know that he probably would do it again, I noticed that I don’t want to get over him. The guy I’m travelling to visit is such a match with me, and he wouldn’t hurt me. But still, here I am, hoping deep down, that the guy who hurt me, that I’ve always ended up with again and again, will want me, AGAIN, so that I can try one last time with him and tell him that I’m in love with him.

Why can I not just move on, when I know, that there are other guys that would be better for me?

Can someone relate to this? Not being able to let go? And how do you know if it’s the right thing to do even?

When you should let go but deep down you don’t want to, WHY do we feel like that?
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