The guy I've been talking to is moving. Am I setting myself up to get hurt?

Hi everyone -

The title really says it all! I've (25f) been talking with this guy (24m) for the past couple of months and it has been going better than I could've ever expected. We have great chemistry, conversation and hanging out is very fluid/comfortable, and we both want very similar things in the future! This is where the problem lies; he is moving a few states away. I have absolutely no problem with moving and have wanted to for a while, so that part doesn't scare me necessarily.

Originally, we thought he was going to move in the summer which would give us about 6 months to set a solid foundation and see if distance would work out. However, he just got a job interview for a company that would require him to move in about a month & I just don't know if 2.5 months is enough time to warrant doing a LDR.

He told me he wasn't planning on entertaining anything relationship wise until he moved unless something great came along and smacked him in the face, and then he met me & it essentially knocked him out.

I've very much fallen for this guy and I know my feelings are getting stronger each day. We see each other multiple times a week & are either texting/face timing pretty much the entire day.

I'm so nervous of getting heart broken by this guy if he moves and we decide it's not going to work because I know if we only had more time in the same city this could potentially be something really great. I know with every relationship you come to a point where you have to be vulnerable with the other person and open yourself up to get hurt.

Is it worth continuing down this path knowing I could get very hurt? Has anyone ever had a similar situation work out? We've both talked and have said we want to continue to see where this goes, but I get more anxious with every passing day. I also am disappointed in myself for the fact that I've starting hoping he doesn't get this job so he won't be able to move until the summer. Please help!

The guy I've been talking to is moving. Am I setting myself up to get hurt?
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