Should I stop talking to my ex or continue flirting despite her bf?

After a few weeks of not talking to my ex we eventually began to communicate again. She is still with her rebound boyfriend but we still occasionally flirt. I am still not over her and although she says she is over me her actions speak otherwise. I’ve talked to her about moving to California and she always tells me that she’ll miss me and that she wants to hang out with me before I go. I’m not sure if I should hang out with her or if I should just completely cut off contact. I still have feelings for her and although they are slowly fading I don’t think they will ever truly go away. I’ve already told her how I feel about her and even brought up some “interesting” dreams I’ve had about her. We have been flirting sexually lately and we’ve agreed that we are still physically attracted to each other. I even made the comment that if I were to move I’d pay her a visit for a “special” goodbye and she agreed. I’m afraid that if we continue doing what we are doing we might end up doing something that although I wouldn’t regret I know it’s morally incorrect. We’re still attracted to each other and we still have fun talking on the phone and she is still willing to hang out with me. We are technically just friends but except for the intimacy and label of a relationship nothing has changed since we broke up. She still calls me every night and has told me that it’s ok if I call her at anytime during the day. It’s as if we were dating. It’s evident that she is playing both sides and clearly doesn’t love her current boyfriend. As a joke I told her not to have any sexy dreams about me and she replied “I’ll try but I wont’ give you any guarantee.” Hell I even told her to watch out since I could seduce and she still calls me. Her boyfriend has made it clear to her that he is uncomfortable with her still being in contact with me but she always tell him “We’re just friends.” I’m confused whether to be happy we’re flirting again or sad that we are flirting but at the same time she is with another guy. I know it makes her seem like a bit bad but then again we did date for 3 years. What do I do? Any suggestions?
Should I stop talking to my ex or continue flirting despite her bf?
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