Is it normal for the man to always choose the place for the dates?

There’s a guy I met on hinge recently that I went on 2 dates with, & I feel like he always wanted to be very in control of everything.

He’s 29 & I’m 24, so I feel like he was trying to prove his manliness, maturity & power by always choosing where we should go for our dates. He would always choose a place for our date, & then he would text me the day before in a very formal manner saying it like ‘meet me on (name of street) out the front at 6pm tomorrow. We’ll be eating at (name of restaurant). & then he wouldn’t text me again until it was time to plan our next date. It was my first time dealing with a guy like this, & I thought it was cool for him to choose the places because at least it shows he’s organised & isn’t just leaving the work to me, but at the same time I also thought guys are meant to at least ask the girl if she’s okay with the place or if there’s anywhere she wants to go in particular. I also thought it would’ve been nicer for him to let me choose the place for the second date since he chose the first one. I don’t know though. I guess everyone is different with that

At the beginning, we texted a little bit & also had one phone call to briefly get to know each other, but once we went on our first date, he stopped texting me unless it was to plan our next date. He sometimes just texted me saying ‘good morning’ here & there & said ‘hope your days been good’ but other than that, we didn’t text to talk about anything else. He’s got a very reserved, quiet & mature personality. He’s quite smart too & uses very formal vocabulary when he speaks. Is this just how smarter mature guys plan dates?
Is it normal for the man to always choose the place for the dates?
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