What do you think of career/ business driven women?

I keep hearing SOME men complain about these types of women- how are you the prize because of your cock and sexual history wth multiple women? ( No I'm not saying women should compete , but your sexual past history would be looked at to determine if you're a suitable potential partner for something more long term and exclusive dealing with me if I were dating. ) Do you match where that woman is in career , success, and goal wise? If women ask men for money there's an exchange or she's a gold digger... if women ask men to do things chores around the house there's a need for " exchange" back then... so MOST women stopped asking and relyed on yellow pages or family members.. I'm confused as in bills have to be paid unless that man is her sole provider whose she's exclusive with. If that woman doesn't desire marriage or a relationship, why is there a fuss coming from men?
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There's a lack somewhere with masculine energy somewhere where these women don't feel secure pretaining to stability with MOT... I'm just saying... if you are a woman who has a man whose providing for you and giving you a sense of security this doesn't apply to you. Consider yourself lucky you have a MAN.
What do you think of career/ business driven women?
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