What is the allure of men/woman dating younger people?

What is the allure of men/woman dating younger people?

This is the endless debate of an older man who likes to dates only young girls or older women and young men). I mean I had heard soe many different opinions as the reason why but I there is not like the ultimate reason anyway. Some say becauase the guys can't be challenged by someone around their ages as they can't put up with certain things and they know what they want, they want to feel young by dating younger chicks, they want a young lady cause it is energetic, has a great body (the physical part here of course) m also they can give them kids as they are still in their reproductive ages they want a young lady and easy one who does nto realize what they should put up with yet. In most cases men look for youth and beauty. Women look for resources, stability and status, right? can't there be a balance?

And then many people say if the man and the woman are happy dating with that age difference that is what it is important right? But then I asked my self , Are they really happy? I mean does not these men think that the older they get the more care they will need (healthy, attutude, mood changes, among many other changes physically and mentally) and does these young beauties does not realize that they will h ave to put up with all that? Will they still be happy with that? can't they tolerate and be patient? Will they be happy for real like she could say she is with her older boyfriend? Do the guy will say the same thing and believes yes we are happy if his younger partner won't like to take care of him the way he needs later in life? I mean maybe they could be happy for a short time but not for many years and their relationship wotn last then if people assume "ohh what is important is they are happy and in love, Are you sure?

Is it because men or women aroudn the perso age can't be happy with them and can't be challenged beause they know what they really want but we always go for the easy route without much sacrifice and work?

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Unless they have an agreement that their relationship is just sex and money and still with just sex and money they are indeed happy, which I find sad if thta is the only case they can be happy.

How a relationship with a very big age difference can work and they can be happy and in love for many many years?

This situation also applies to older women young men.
What is the allure of men/woman dating younger people?
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