Why do all sorority girls only date frat boys?

It pisses me off when I see what looks to be a unique hot girl only to see her walking around grasping the arm of a douche with a triangle and X on his shirt. All damn sorority chicks seem like they will only date frat boys... WHY? Is this a secret code of the sisterhood or some sh*t?


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  • Common interests, they interact with those boys the most because of all the social events among greek chapters, mutual friends, etc. It's not a set in stone rule though or anything. My ex was in a frat, the guy I'm dating now is not.

    • That makes sense, they are always partying together. The frew frat parties I've always been to made a big deal when the damn sigma's showed up.

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    • Eh it's alright, most sorority girls look HELLA stuck up anyway.

    • Depends on who you run into. No one that actually knows me thinks I'm stuck up.

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  • Sorority girls aren't exactly unique... Just like most frats have the "bro, douche bag" mindset, most sororities have the "preppy snob" mindset.

    If you're looking for unique I'd veer away from the sorority girls. There are plenty of hot, unique girls who aren't in a house.

    And the ones who are unique and special won't be hanging off the arm of a guy from a douchey frat- not all frats are "bad", just most of them.

  • they have a lot in common. fraternities are male sororities and sororities are female fraternities. so why wouldn't they date each other? they run in the same circles, see each other a lot and have a lot in common.


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