How long did it take you to get your girlfriend?

First off this is a multiple question, but they are all related.

1.) How long did it take you to ask the girl out that after initiating contact?

2.) What are things I should know before asking her out (Yes I know I should at least have her name!).

3.) What are things that you did on dates (such as what did you do, also how did you make a move as in kissing, etc..)?

4.) Lastly, how long did it take you to move from just going out on dates to actually becoming serious?


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  • i just go with my feelings its not about planning everything out and all that bs

    i knew my last girlfriend for like 2 years on and off before we started dating

    i never asked her out but we both knew by the way we felt and it was more fun that way

    movies, dinners, events she kind of followed me around wherever I would go she liked to be there too

    our personalities are both flirty so "becoming serious" was always an early intention for both of us but we both had bfs and gfs so it was a timing thing

    sucks when nobody answers your sh*t man I hope my lazy answers help some ;)