What does it mean if a guy drunk texts you? GUY ANSWER!

so there is this guy I have a little crush on from my class. he's one of those smart/know it all types, which is no challenge for me since I'm very quick witted and don't mind taking him on. we started texting a little when he suggested we'd get a study group, and ended up talking a lot when we studied one on one. we have little play fights sometimes as well, but I'm not completely sold that he likes me like that. anyway, I texted him Saturday night about a sports game and he responds saying "I don't NEED YOU TO TELL ME I'm PRETTY TO MAKE ME FEEL BEAUTIFUL" and I just put "LOL wtf...?" and he just kept texting me more song lyrics and IM'ing me on Facebook things like "WHERE WERE THEY GOING WITHOUT EVER KNOWING THE WAY' "MY BABY MUST BE A MAGICIAN COS SHE'S GOT THE MAGIC TOUCH" and "I'M JUST A LOVE MACHINE, AND I don't WORK FOR NOBODY BUT YOU" and I didn't respond cos I was like okay, he's probably drunk and I'm out doing something, so I didn't bother to respond. then when I get home a couple of hours later he IM's me and is all like "YOOOOO" but I just e=went to bed. uhhhh, wtf? lmao
What does it mean if a guy drunk texts you? GUY ANSWER!
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