Through text, why does she keep saying "lol" does she not like me forreal

We are cool, in my dorm this girl gets mad that I don't visit her as often as she would like, one time she said that I need to visit her more than anybody else. I know this chick isn't a natural flirter and she's not really touchy feely (shes told me), even though she has let me touch her face and hug her

I visited her dorm room earlier, So I text her because I'm staying an extra day and...

Me: I'm staying an extra day, guess I'm going 2 see your beautiful face.

Her: Lol your funny

Me: your so silly, whose funny now, lol all you gotta do is say thank you.

Her: OK lol thank u

That's the main part of the flirting, we didn't text too much, is she not liking me saying that.


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  • Hmm. I'm not sure why she's always putting lol before every reply. But.. If I really liked a guy I would be afraid to put anything that make him think I'm weird (: haha. Lol, see? But just once, or when something funny is said 1 lol should be enough for me. Can I ask you do you like her?

    • I use to and I think she's cute, and I kind of like her at a lesser level, but I don't know what to do, I'm not mad..but if she didn't like it how would she respond, would she not answer or what?

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    • yea, but she doesn't use them all the time, but I don't know what to say to that how am I suppose 2 find out

    • Ask her (: but, she might try to lie about it. If she turns away or shows any sign that she doesn't want to look at you while answering, she might be into u. XD

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  • I hate lol-ers. Very annoying. lol