Did he just want to hit it and quit it?

so I meet this guy in the summer by two of my closest girlfriends his name is "manny" but we all didn't start hanging out til about in October. every weekend it would be us 4 we'd get together and drink. manny and I were the ones that got flirty with each other all the time we would see each other and about a 3 weeks ago we hooked up and since then we would go on dates and text 24/7 I actually lost my virginity to him but I never told him, and about a couple of days ago he stopped texting me less and I guess hasn't tried to make the effort in seeing me. we are all going out tonight to celebrate my friends birthday but manny was the only one that said he can't make it. He's always telling me that he is just so tired from work he just knockout as soon as he gets home and that's why he "doesn't" text me. do you think he just wanted to hit it and quit it?


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  • "we hooked up and since then we would go on dates and text 24/7"

    Guys generally are not trying to "hit and quit" it makes no sense when we can hit again, and again. Unless something was wrong. He's tired/ needs a break from you. I'm guessing the two of you are not a couple, if so give him some space, less texts/calls. If he is interested he will come to you.


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  • Hmmmm it's possible. Did you go on dates before or after you lost your virginity to him? If it was before then he may have just dated you to get you into bed and have no intention of ever getting with you again. If it was after then maybe he was still interested but either he thought you weren't as interested as he was or he was dating other girls at the same time and wanted to be with someone else.

  • i don't think he hit and quit, sounds more like he's cheating, seeing some1 else or has just lost interest in you for some reason. You should really ask him , why is he blowing you off or what's up you don't seem to be interested anymore.

    good luck.

    • lets say he lost interest what can I do to change that?

    • i don't know to be honest. I have never been in this situation , but you can dress up and ask him out and then afterward go home with him . You should know then if he's into you or not.

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