What makes me unapproachable to ask out?

So I consider myself a strong woman with less drama then most. I just want to know that a guy loves me I don't care if he hang out with his boys or even go to strip club. Yet I'm single! Most guys get the courage to talk to me on a friend level or just talking. But guys never come clean about how they feel if they like me. I see them doing things to impress me but you can't tell me how you feel? What is it? Am I doing something wrong?


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  • I know just how you feel, I have the same problem with men. they like me and talk to me and compliment me and might give me subtle hints but never come outright and ask me out.

    I think that probably the men that talk to us want to date us but we somehow do not convey that we want them to ask us out. I hope a guy can enlighten us on this!

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