He never texts first, but always replies. Possible reasons?

A friend said to me that, if this guy wasn't interested or found me annoying, he wouldn't even reply.

He's in the same town, but different college, so I don't see him on a daily/weekly basis. We hung out a lot for like six months, but now we just..don't.

I text him every couple of weeks just to check if he's still alive or invite him to a party/coffee/beer, but he never comes.

So I don't think I'm annoying, on the contrary - it's quite possible he thinks I only like him as a friend and he might have given up on me. I obviously like him more than just a friend, but I like a guy to become my friend first and then a boyfriend.

It's a short version of a long story, but what could be possible reasons for this kind of situation?

Thank you


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  • I asked a question just like this a long time ago, id text this girl I liked, she would reply but never text me first or ask to do anything. The answers I got were she only see's you as a friend, she doesn't text you because she probably knows you like her and she doesn't want to deal with it so she never texts you to do anything. But she's still your friend so if you want to hangout in a group setting with other friends she'll come.

    So in your case, I think he just moved on from you. He reply's back not to seem like a jerk, but doesn't want to do anything with you. Maybe he knows you like him and wants to keep his distants to not get your heart broken. I had to do that with this girl in one of my classes in high school.


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  • If he were interested in you, he would text you. He wouldn't worry about whether or not you think of him as a friend. Guys don't worry about "ruining the friendship" in the same way we do.