How can I be friend with my crush after he rejected me?

I confessed to my coworker via text few weeks ago. I told him that i had a crush on him and thought he is a nice person, so i really want to be friend with him. he didn't said anything but replied me a shocking emoji. Few days later, I asked him out for a lunch and he rejected. I was kind of disappointed and tried to move on, but act normal as much as possible when i meet him at work.
He didn't feel awkward when met me at work either, he even approached me a few times on purpose even if he didn't need to. He keeps smile at me, and blushes when talking to me and moves his eyes away when i looked into his eyes. But he never text me first, only replied when i texted him.
He is quite shy, he used to get blush when he talked with me before my confession. But he never initiate conversation with me, but it seems he has no problem in talking even joking with women who are way older than him.
He is a nice guy, i do want to be friend with him, but he is also very difficult to talk with, and seem to do not want to open up. Funny thing is, I am around his age and I personally always can be friends with guys. but only with him it is very very difficult..
How can I be friend with my crush after he rejected me?
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