Should I wish luck to my crush before the exam, if we haven't talked for about 2 weeks?

About 3 months ago I texted the guy I like, that we should go to get coffee sometime. He agreed and we kept in touch through text messages for a couple of months. He used to always text me first.Then we went on a date and everything went quite well. After that date I've heard from him a couple of times, he texted me first too. But the last time we talked, I did text him first and after that we haven't talked for 2 weeks. He has an exam tomorrow, he told me about that on our date and I am wondering if I should text him good luck. I don't want to sound like a creeper, who remembers every single detail, but I don't want to fall out of touch too. My girlfriends thin it would be cute to do that. But what about you guys?


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  • Yaaaaa! Sounds like he's getting over whelmed. Maybe school is cramping his style. Define "went quite well", on the date, was it the first date? Don't count who texts first, that seems to be a big with you. So when he doesn't text first, how does that make you feel. Are you asking him why? If you did that might have set him off like wow if she texts me first that means I'm in trouble because he text first. So don't let those little things get in your way of a relationship.

    We don't like to be pressured into always doing something first (like texting), Usually on the first couple of dates, guys are on their best behaviors and so are girls. In other words all the baggage is stored away, finally when baggage comes out it usually scares the hell out of us, and the guys that have low self esteem run, others just wait and see, others will address those issues.

    if I were you find out where he's coming from, and what are plans for us in his future, if your serious. If he's into you and has just a couple of small issues get them straightened out now rather than waiting. Have you seen the movie "he's not that into you"

    The ball is in your court, do you slam dunk it, lay it up, or pass it on. Be genital watch how you say it.

    • Hey, thanks for the answer. It was our first and only date, I think that it went quite well because we have a lot in common and we had a lot to talk about, of course there were silent moments, but not that much. And in the middle of our date he said "I hope on our other dates it will be sunny" or something like that. He texted me like 20 minutes after the date to make sure that I got home safely. I never ask him why doesn't he text me first. Thank you for the advises, they are great!

  • Do it, enough said.


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