How do you keep a conversation going with a bad texter?

I've been talking to this guy for a while and he obviously wants to talk to me because he always texts me first. But, whenever we text he always finishes the conversation with a "yeah" or a "haha" or a "alright".. with anyone else you'd think it's a one word response so that means it's time to end the conversation which I've been doing, but he always ends up texting me again 30 minutes to an hour later starting a new conversation :/

At first I thought he just wasn't attracted to me that much, but now I'm just getting the feeling that he's just a terrible texter. How do you keep a conversation going with a bad texter? All of our conversations through text seem to suck horribly. Advice? Should I just quit texting him altogether?


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  • Just call and talk to him. Texting usually ends up being a bad idea as a primary way of communication because you are unable to gauge how a person is saying something. For example:

    "That is a nice hat you are wearing."

    How would you read that? Sarcastically? Seriously? Indifferently? I'm just saying.


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  • Lol, so many men are like this! I asked a couple of my male friends why they're bad at texting. One said they prefer chatting online, and the other just said they don't like texting much.

    Maybe you could say you need to save texts and ask if they can chat online?

    I usually wait to speak to them in person or online (although one of them is awful online as well).

  • i don't think you should stop texting him, he may just be nervous. try asking him an open-ended question, as in one that he can't just have a one word response.

    i like to play the question game (take turn asing questions) or never have I ever (state what you've never done) that way you get to know each other and have a good conversation!

    • That's smart. He comes off as very confident though. We have very good conversations in person and he seemed to have no problem asking me to prom. He just sucks at texting

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