What to wear to an outdoor date?

Ok, the weather is supposed to be partly cloudy and just above 50 Fahrenheit. Date will involve food and the outdoors, like a picnic and a walk, perhaps some small hiking but nothing major. First date.

Outfit options!

1. Short, floral dress (vintage 80s, beige); denim, double breasted jacket; black legging-capris; black Converse high tops.

2. Khaki cargo pants (the skinnier kind, not the baggy kind); turquoise shirt; grey shrug. Shoes...undecided.

3. Long, wrap around, blue plaid skirt; black leggings (the wrap around tends to show a little too much in the wind); pink shirt; black shrug; flat, "earth spirit" sandals with wooden beads.

4. Other?

What to wear to an outdoor date?
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