Scared I stained his bed!!

Hi! So this is my first time entering a question, and I really need some advice!

I've been dating this guy for about four months now, and I've never felt this way about anyone before. He told me a couple weeks ago that he thought he was in love with me. I'm 17 and he is 19. We've done everything except having sex.

Anyway, the problem is: the other day I was at his house, and after a couple of hours we ended up in his bed making out. After a while he tried to unbutton my pants, but I stopped him and said "no, you can't.." and he said "ok, yeah that's ok.".

The reason I didn't let him is because I knew I was getting my period some time soon. We were in his bed for several hours. When I got home I realized that I'd gotten my period, because there was I stain in my pants. No I'm so worried that I stained his sheets and bed as well, WHAT DO I DO?!

Do I ask him, or wait till he says something? I am pretty sure it stained, it's just my luck. I am so embarrassed, and I know I'll just start crying and telling him how sorry I am if he says something about it.

Oooor should I just be like "I think I cut myself on something when I was at your house, I didn't see it till I got home, but my finger was really bleeding! I was so scared I'd bled all over me or you or somewhere in your house! Hahaaa...?"

What if he saw the stain on my pants? I am mortified, and I don't know how it will ever be the same between us. Do you think he is grossed out and hates me? Cause I would totally get that. This have never happened before, and I just want to crawl up and die. This is two days ago now. I don't know what to do, please help!

oh, also: when I give him hj's or bj's he always stops me when he is about to cum, saying he doesn't want to stain me or my sheets! Now I sort of did the same to him, I am dyyyying, I feel so bad!


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  • If he really loves you then he shouldn't feel grossed out at all ... maybe he saw , maybe he didn't, so what! .. if his behavior doesn't change then he is okay with it ( in case he saw it ) .. but you have to be more confident, you're a girl and this stuff happens , he has to deal with them! .. guys are pretty disgusting too ...

    I once burped in front of my boyfriend , and of course I didn't mean it .. but he laughed and was okay it ( he hates people who burp and he imediately gets turned off) .. but he didn't when I did .. I felt a little embarrasssed but then I was like screw it , it happens to all of us :D

    so don't worry .. and don't mention it ! .. if he says anything, then apologize how you were not ready and it came unexpectedly and offer to buy him new sheets , but DONT CRY lol.. there's nothing to cry about :D

    • Aw, thank you so much for your comment - it made me feel a little better :)

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  • Unless he's been sheltered, I'm sure he's taken human sexuality. I'm sure he understands that every girl gets her period that certain time of the month. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    • Thank you so much! How would you react if this was your bed? :/

  • it's not such a big deal, it's just another liquid, he wouldn't be mad

    if you spilled some water would he?

    i wouldn't.. good luck with it though.

  • There is a fine line between embarrassment and shame. I can see why your situation could be awkward or embarrassing, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. Any sexually active 19 year old guy knows about menstruation and that accidents sometimes happen. Do you really believe he would hate you because of a stain on his sheets? Just try to relax and stop worrying about being judged, you did nothing wrong. If he is discreet he won't ever bring it up anyway.

    • Thank you for helping me, really! Maybe not hate me, but not feel the same or being freaked out or mad..

      And I'm always worrying about beeing judged. I was woted prom queen by the guys at my school this semester (including him), so they all have this idea that I am "perfect". He is the only person I really care what thinks, and I just want him to like me..

      And it's really awkward bringing it up, but it's terrifying not knowing if I did stain it or not..

    • Don't try to hold yourself to some impossible standard. You may be the "prom queen" but you are also just a person with flaws and problems like everyone else. I hope your boyfriend is smart enough to see that.

  • I would just tell him you started your period and let him know you are having your period today etc.

  • Just tell him your on your period, he will understand and just clean the sheets if there is a stain


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  • I think you'll only make things worse if you make up a lie like cutting yourself. There is a good chance he will know you are lying and you will look silly for it. I think it is a much bigger deal in your head than what it would be to him. It'll be OK. Just tell him your embarrassed and worried you stained his sheets, make about of a joke out of it.

    • Yeah no I know, I'm not gonna do that, I'm just so ridiculously embarrassed :( I don't know how to make this OK, or how to get over it..

      Thank you so much for helping me!