Do girls like random phone calls?

Or should you give them a heads up at least?

Like this girl gave me a her number a while ago, but we started talking again. Would it be weird if I just called her randomly? Should I tell her something like, "You know I should call you sometime," and see her reaction? Or what?

And if I do call her should I just ask her about her day and ask her out for lunch or something? Or should I just go slow and see how the first call goes?


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  • If you keep the calls within certain times, it'll be better like that, to have some kind of expectable pattern. I don't like random calls because it's always when I'm busy doing something else or just want time to myself.

    Don't worry too much about the first call, just call and see if it needs to be changed for next time.

    Ask her about her day, see if she carries on talking, if not, just ask her out to lunch. Then there will be no pressure to keep talking or doubt if it's okay to end it short.

  • Be spontaneous and call. Take it slow and see if she can hold the conversation.


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