Does this girl like me or is she just trying to make me a really close friend?


I met this girl online almost a month ago. Originally it was gonna be a sexual thing. But instead we ended up talking on the phone and connected differently than I expected. First phone call was about 7 hours. Since then she either text or calls me. We’ve talked everyday since we’ve met. When we talk on the phone it’s usally between 1-3 hours.

We usally talk about random things we like or she teases me back and forth. I make her laugh a lot and she tells me I’m funny all the time. Sometimes we talk about serious things too though like mental health life family etc. And she tells me she knows it’s been a short time but she’s glad she met me.

Also when we go back and forth teasing each other. She loves to rub it in my face how we met even though nothing happened. She honestly does it quite often. Recently she said we’re gonna get ice cream together. And that she would make cupcakes for me as long as I hold my part of the deal of taking her to get ice cream.

All these things she brought up on her own I just agreed because she’s cool and I want to hang with her. I also lost a bet to her and she said since I lost I have to watch master of disguise with her. One day she caught me off guard and asked am I disappointed our conversations didn’t go down a more sexual road. And if I’m ok with that.

She has a kid so I’m aware it won’t be right away that we hang out. And that’s fine honestly.

What confuses me is she says we’re friends. And literally remembers everything I say. And uses it against me a lot in a funny way. She sends me good morning texts a lot too and wishes me a good day.

Sometimes she mentions guys try to hit on her but she’s not interested really.

We talked on the phone yesterday and she said a guy text her every couple weeks asking if he can take her on a date. But she keeps declining and he hasn’t got the message yet. Not quite block worthy yet but getting annoying.

She has other friends she can talk on the phone with but gives me a lot of time.

Does this girl like me or is she just trying to make me a really close friend?
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